About Woodcut

Woodcut Productions have been operating New Zealand's only production music library since 2002. It is comprised of music from artists and producers from all over New Zealand.

The Woodcut library includes a diverse range of music, from ethnic Maori and Pacific music through to cutting edge pop rock, electronic, dance, hip hop, garage rock, and even gypsy / klezmer music.

Should you wish to get access to the entire library via your edit suites or servers for your productions, please contact Woodcut and we can arrange to set you up with New Zealand's finest production music library.

If you have any questions regarding the library, please contact nick@woodcut.co.nz or aaron@woodcut.co.nz. Alternatively, please call +64 9 374 4542.

About production music

Woodcut Productions is a registered publisher member of AMCOS (Australasia and New Zealand). AMCOS is an associate member of CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, who works towards increased recognition and protection of creators' rights.

AMCOS-controlled Production Music (PM) is music specifically written and recorded for inclusion in all forms of audio and audiovisual productions including adverts, films, DVDs, TV & radio programmes, websites, online games, music-on-hold and ringtones etc. It is available for convenient synchronisation, (or "dubbing"), and can provide an administratively simple and cost effective answer to your music needs. While using commercial (aka "published") music in productions usually involves seeking clearances in two separate copyrights (for the musical work and the sound recording), a licence for AMCOS-controlled PM covers both the music (musical work) and the recording (sound recording) with the one rate, and this can be administered by licencing/reporting usage with your respective affiliate national music society. AMCOS administer the mechanical rights in New Zealand and Australia, and this right is administered by by reciprocal agreement with international affiliates and service organisations in other countries that provide the same services and revenue to its music publishers and artists, through reciprocal, bilateral agreements with AMCOS.

Artists interested in submitting music for inclusion in the library

Woodcut are always on the lookout for talented artists with music they are interested in licencing to our production music library. If you are an artist that has music you think may be suitable, please send a demo with all relevant contact information to PO Box 6885, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand, Attn: Nick Young.